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Why choose a fully licensed and insured Junk Removal or Dumpster Company?

So you are ready to pull the trigger and get rid of that junk! Now it’s time to find a Company…

Hopefully, you reach out to friends and family for referrals. If that doesn’t work, you jump on the internet and search. You will find a whole array of service providers, from those international (and expensive) giants that advertise everywhere, to the guy with the rusty beat down pick up that’s just holding on to his last few teeth. Now you have to choose…

Affordable Junk Removal is somewhere in the middle. We are family owned and operated based out of Bellingham, MA and Framingham, MA. We started back in 2006 with just one truck of our own and grew to the fleet of trucks and dumpsters you see out and about today, one job at a time. Our guys are uniformed professionals who are fully trained and provide excellent customer service.

When we say FULLY licensed and insured here is what that means:

  1. We carry an automobile policy on all of our trucks with max full coverage.
  2. We carry general liability to protect your property and its contents with a million dollar policy.
  3. We carry workers comp on all of our guys to protect them from incidental harm.
  4. All of our drivers are licensed and DOT certified.
  5. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What all this means is that you and your property are covered in the unlikely event that something goes awry. Additionally, our professional, trained, staff has been with us for a very long time. We have done it all, seen it all, and removed it all.

We hope that you will choose us, read some of our 50+ 5-star reviews on Yelp, check out our google reviews, or look us up on BBB.org. Our business was built on referrals and repeat customers. If you don’t choose us please make sure whoever you choose has you covered. Give us a call 774-287-1133, let’s talk trash!

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Junk Removal 101: The good, the bad, the ugly!

When you moved into this house you loved all of the space. Your garage, your basement, it was twice as big as your last space, how would you ever even fill it? Fast forward 5 years, the basement has stacks of boxes still not unpacked from the move, that with one false move could mame a small child. The garage has been taken over by tools, sports equipment, lawn, and snow gear, let’s face it you haven’t stepped foot in it in years. You curse the garage door every time you have to clear a foot of snow off of the car! It’s time to do something about it. You jump on social media and ask your friends who to call. The overwhelming response is always Affordable Junk Removal. You read our online reviews, and clearly, we are the bee’s knees.

So here is what to expect my desperate friends. We know that the struggle is real. We also have kids and cars and, let’s face it, crap, that is taking over our lives. But don’t fret, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s pretty easy actually, just give us a call at 774-287-1133.

Heres what to expect:

Affordable Junk Removal services Metro-West from Watertown to Worcester, from Hudson to Northern Rhode Island, and everywhere in between. Our Junk Removal trucks are equivalent to a 10-yard dumpster. In layman’s terms that mean its 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet tall. So basically think about the size of a single car garage, about four feet high. That is considered a full truckload. Trying to figure out how much stuff you actually have is half the battle, so we make it easy with our straight forward pricing.

You only pay for what you have. our small load is anything up to a quarter of a truck, the next tier is a half truck, the next is three-quarters, and finally a full truck. There are two ways to do it. You can simply walk around your house, garage, attic, yard, etc and point to the items you want to be removed and our Junk Removal Professionals will grab them and take them away. Option two is to create a pile in your garage or driveway and we pull up, load it. and take it away. The difference between the two is $50 for a full truckload, so it’s up to you, whatever is easier in your busy life.

You book an appointment over the phone. You’re ready, let’s do this. What you will ask us and what we will ask you?

  1. What do you have? We want to make sure that we have the right tools on hand for the job. Getting rid of furniture? We will bring a drill and Sawzall. Need a water tank taken out of the basement? We will bring a special dolly. Need some demo? We will bring our friendly sledgehammer. You get the idea.
  2. Where is it located? Trying to get a piano out of a 3rd-floor walk up? That requires some planning on our part. Cleaning out a basement that only has bulkhead access in a foot of snow? We need a shovel. Need some cubicles removed from your office? We need parking permission and elevator keys. You catch my drift.
  3. What will we take? The short answer is just about everything. The only items we don’t take are gas, wet paint, oil, propane, hazardous materials or anything that was once living and breathing. Everything else is fair game.
  4. How much will it cost? 1/4 truck starts at $150, 1/2 truck $250, 3/4 truck $350 or a full truck is $400. That gives you 1 ton (2,000) pounds. If you are getting rid of super heavy stuff (like shingles, brick, etc) you add $25 per quarter load. If you have it all in a pile in the driveway or garage, a full truck is only $350.
  5. What happens when they show up? Our guys come in specialized dump trucks that are clearly identified with Affordable Junk Removal signage. They are uniformed, wearing safety orange. They will review the pricing with you again if need be, load up, and be out of your hair in no time. You pay them with cash, check, or credit card as soon as they are done. They will give you a receipt to save for tax purposes and be on their way.
  6. Where does my stuff go? Anything that can be recycled will be. We never go direct to landfill. Everything that can’t be recycled back into the community goes to transfer stations for more recycling. We always dispose of everything legally, in the most environmentally friendly methods available. Again, we have kids too, we get it.

A day or so before your appointment you get a friendly reminder call. The day of you get a call about a half hour before the actual arrival time, Here we come to save the day!

Our guys show up. Load up, and head out. You run to social media and praise all of your friends for this terrific, almost life-saving, suggestion. Mission accomplished. And you Didn’t Lift a Finger!

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Dumpster 101, Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!

Basketball season has ended, and baseball is about to begin. You fight your way into the garage, start heaving boxes and totes out of the way, digging through an endless pile of “we could need this one day” only to trip over a stray piece of leftover wood and almost break your neck.  You get up, infuriated, and realize, today is the day. You need a dumpster, and you need one BAD!

Time to make the dreaded phone call. Not being in the construction or waste industry yourself you have no idea what you even need, what you should pay, or how it works. All you know is that next trip could be fatal.

It’s time to call Affordable Junk Removal. Unlike these other dumpster companies, we will speak to you in regular everyday English. But first, let’s answer a few basic questions that just about everybody asks:

  1. Whats the difference between a dumpster and a roll-off? Well, that’s easy, not much! Dumpsters have a lot of nick names, they can be called dumpsters, cans, containers, roll-offs, as well as a few others. God knows why I guess the waste folks just want to spice things up. Some dumpsters come off a type of truck called a hook lift, a big hook grabs the dumpster and pulls it on the truck, while others come off of a roll off, a chain grabs the dumpster and pulls it on the truck. None of this really matters to you, so long as you are putting it in a spot where the truck can access it.
  2. Where can I put my dumpster? This is an important question. While some people want to put their dumpster in the grass to keep their parking spots available, and others want to jam it back against the garage, there are a few things to know first. The end of the dumpster that is nearest to the cab of the truck is the side where the hook grabs it. The opposite end, nearest the tailgate of the truck, is the part that has the door on it. This is an 8 ft long door that you open so that you can load the dumpster. If you don’t leave at least 8 feet around it then the door won’t open. The dumpsters are about 4.5″ tall so if your plan is to try and throw it all over the top you’re really making the process way too difficult, it’s far easier to open the door, load it as much as possible, then shut the door, and toss the few remaining items over the top. Dumpsters are large steel containers, so they are heavy. They can be placed on firm (not soggy) grass, and we will put boards under the rollers (wheels that make the dumpster move) to prevent damage and make them easier to lift, however, if it rains or what have you there is a chance it will be tough to pick up or scratch up your grass a little. Finally, some people want to place the dumpster in a precarious spot. Be it a hill, a small tough to access parking area, or what have you. The dumpster is 12 feet long. The truck is about 17 feet long. Wherever we drop it, we have to be able to safely get the truck in there, plus the length of the dumpster. So you need at least 30 feet of clearance without making turns. As far as hills go, a slight incline will work but a full blown hill might not. Keep in mind that we have to pick up this dumpster when it’s full. If the dumpster has 2 Tons in it plus the weight of the can itself, well I’m no mathematician but that’s literally tons of weight pushing down on the hook of the truck while it’s on a hill. Bad News. The good news is our skilled drivers will tell you exactly what your options are when it gets dropped off.
  3. What can go in a dumpster? Definitely your husbands 80’s hair band tape collection and all of those boxes of your school work that your mom passed down to you when you finally got your first house. JK JK. Really you can put almost anything in it. The only “prohibited” items are Gas, Oil, Wet Paint, Propane Tanks, Concrete, Stone, Brush or Dirt. The first few items are considered hazardous waste and the last few need to go to a special facility or nursery. Also, it’s important to mention that you can’t put in anything that was once living and breathing. This is strictly frowned upon! Aside from that, you can put in whatever you want. The great Commonwealth of Mass has assigned a recycling fee to a few things called Core Items. These are items with Freon, TV’s, Mattresses, and Tires. We charge you whatever Core Item fee they charge us, it’s a pass through but think of it as doing your part for the environment. Prices can be found on our pricing page.
  4. How are dumpsters rented? So here’s why we are so incredible, aside from this hilarious, witty, and educational blog. At Affordable Junk Removal, we rent dumpsters with the knowledge that you don’t want them in your yard too long. And neither do your neighbors. We do 7-day rentals, 10-day rentals, and 14-day rentals (most of the time). If you go with our 7 day special that includes 1 ton of weight (2,000 pounds my friends). If you go over the 1 ton YOU ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE. I will repeat that, you ONLY pay for what you use. If it’s 1.2 tons then you pay for that extra .2 ton. Other dumpster companies will charge you for 3 tons up front knowing that most people come nowhere close to that for regular household trash. See you are saving money already! Say you want to fill it with super heavy stuff, like shingles. Well, in that case, you let us know ahead of time and we will show you the way (cue the song). What if you need your dumpster longer, like a few months. Well give us a shout and we will see what we can do to help generic cialis from india.
  5. How does the billing work? Well, here at Affordable we try and make everything as easy as humanly possible for everyone involved. When you book your dumpster you will provide a credit card and an email address. That card will be charged the initial fee and you will be emailed a paid invoice as well as a refresher on how this all works. Once your dumpster is picked up it is weighed out at a transfer station. If you went over your weight or had some Core Items your card will be charged and you will get a final invoice email detailing the charges. Save this for your tax write offs.
  6. What if it rains? Or Snows? Or Sleet? Or Hail? Fortunately, it does all of those things here in our great state. Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to separate precipitation from the items in your dumpster. If you are concerned, feel free to put a tarp on your dumpster prior to precipitation.
  7. What happens to my junk? Good news on this one. We are NEVER direct to landfill. All of our loads are brought to transfer facilities where anything that can be recycled is. We have a vested interest in loving the earth as we live here, our friends and family live here, and our kids will most likely continue to live here.
  8. Any more questions? Give us a call 774-287-1133. You will talk to a real human, probably Jason Schadler, the owner, right here in MA. You are not calling Canada like when you call those Got guys, you are talking to a regular guy that lives in your community, understands our local dumps and transfer stations and actually, cares about the people here.

That’s all for today folks, hope you feel a little more confident making that call. Really, there is nothing to be afraid of! Thanks for taking the time to read Dumpster 101: Everything you want to know but were afraid to ask. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram @affordablejunk and Twitter @takeawayjunk. See you on the flip side, now go nurse that wound!

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Why Affordable Junk Removal is better than a Bagster!

Why choose Affordable Junk Removal over a Bagster?

You’ve seen the bagsters sold at big box hardware stores and you wonder if this is a good deal? Well here is the skinny. Bagsters in our area cost $29.95 for the bag. The collection company then charges $179 to pick up that bag once you have spent your Saturday loading it. The max volume of the bag is 3 Cubic Yards. So now you’re into it for $208.95 plus tax, plus the hours and relaxation time lost loading it up! And that’s not getting into all the limits on items and weight that the Bagster has, short story, fewer items, more money!

Now let’s say you instead decide to call Affordable Junk Removal. Our trucks are 10 Cubic Yards. Our pricing is simple, $150 for the first 1/4 truck, $250 for a half a truck, $350 for 3/4 of a truck, and $400 to fill a truck. So comparing apples to apples, we give you 5 cubic yards for just about the same money as that 3 cubic yard Bagster, BUT

2. You didn’t have to drive to the box store and buy the bag
3. You didn’t have to spend your Saturday hauling all your junk to the bag.
4. You simply point at your items, regardless of where they are located in the house, and our friendly professionals carry them out.
5. You didn’t have to go online and schedule your Bagster pick up.
6. You don’t have to battle with the pickup driver when you put a forbidden item in it!

Moral of the story here folks? Save yourself the head ache, back ache and wallet ache and call Affordable. Spend your days off lounging around the house and leave the heavy lifting to us! Call today 774-287-1133 or visit us online at www.TakeAwayJunk.com, let’s talk trash!